Pest Form Pathfinder 2e

Pest Form in Pathfinder 2E

Pathfinder 2nd edition is a popular role-playing game made by Paizo Publishing. It is a game of exploration and combat—but it also includes a wide variety of character customization options.
One of the ways to customize your character is by taking on the form of a pest. This can be done through “pest form”, a special ability that changes the character’s size, shape, and abilities to resemble some kind of bug. This is a great way to show off the creativity of the players, as it offers a lot of fun options for the customization of your character.

Advantages of Pest Form

Pest form has a lot of advantages. For starters, it can be used to get past obstacles such as cramped spaces or small holes. With the right pest form, your character can become a small bug that can fit in tiny places and can also fly. Furthermore, some pest forms have special abilities, such as being able to swim, climb walls, or even become invisible. This makes pest form a great tool for navigating through tough terrain and avoiding detection.

On top of that, certain types of pests can help your character in combat. Some pest forms have improved physical attributes, such as increased strength or agility, or have special features, such as poisonous venom or a powerful bite. Additionally, some of them have the ability to cast magical spells, which can be a great help during battle.

Disadvantages of Pest Form

As with any form in Pathfinder 2E, there are a few disadvantages to taking on a pest form. Most notably, pest forms have a very limited range of movement. They can usually only fly, scuttle around on the ground, or swim. This means that they are limited in terms of how far they can travel, which can make them quite vulnerable in certain situations.

Additionally, some pests can be difficult to control. Many of them have very small brains and are prone to reacting instinctively to their environment. This can make it hard to keep your character focused on following orders or carrying out specific tasks.


Pest form is a great way to customize your character in Pathfinder 2E. It gives you the opportunity to take on the form of a bug with some useful abilities. However, it is important to remember that there are some disadvantages, such as the limited range of movement and difficulty in controlling the character. Ultimately, it is up to the player to decide if taking on a pest form is the right choice for their character.

The newest edition of Paizo’s flagship tabletop roleplaying game, Pathfinder 2E, introduces new rules and mechanics to help game masters handle pesky pests in the game. While it may seem like a small element of the game, these rules are invaluable in keeping the game running smoothly and ensuring all the players are having fun.

The most important addition to Pathfinder 2E is the new “Infectious Diseases and Pests” rules. These rules highlight the potential for small creatures, such as rats or insects, to spread diseases or damage crops, which can lead to large-scale problems for a city or kingdom. In addition to being able to spread disease or damage crops, pests can also generally make players’ lives more difficult.

For example, a common pest like rats can cause player characters to make Constitution saving throws to avoid the spread of disease, and can bite or aggravate animals and other NPCs. This can lead to further problems, such as animals rampaging through town, or NPCs becoming angry due to a pest’s interference. In order to keep these pests in check, game masters have access to several new mechanics.

For starters, game masters have the ability to use “Pest Form” spells to create swarms of pests, such as rats, termites, and mosquitoes. Swarms of these pests can act as a nuisance and obstacle, as they can spread diseases and damage items, such as leather and paper. Game masters also have at their disposal NPC-controlled pest control, which can help them control the population of pests in a given area.

The new mechanics put in place in Pathfinder 2E make it easier for game masters to handle pesky pests in the game, allowing players to focus on their characters and the story. With these rules, pests no longer have to be a major distraction in the game, and game masters can easily find ways to keep the players immersed in their adventure. With the new rules and mechanics in place, Pathfinder 2E is ready to lead its players to new and exciting adventures.

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