Fleas vs Fruit Flies!

Fleas vs Fruit Flies

Fleas and fruit flies – how are they different? These two pests are often confused, but they actually have quite a few differences that distinguish them. Let’s take a look at some of the key differences between fleas and fruit flies.


The most obvious difference between the two insect species is their size. Fleas are typically tiny, around 1.5mm, while fruit flies are significantly larger, typically 5-7mm. Fleas are also very dark and have flat bodies, while fruit flies have bright red eyes and have more cylindrical bodies.


Fleas are typically found on animals, and are parasites that feed off of their host animal’s blood. Fruit flies are attracted to sweet, rotting fruits and vegetables and will live and breed in those environments.


Fleas tend to be found in areas with many animals, such as farms and pet-friendly households. Fruit flies, on the other hand, can be found in nearly any home since they are attracted to overripe fruits and vegetables.

Control Methods

The best way to control fleas is to treat both the animal host and the environment with an insecticide that is specifically formulated to kill fleas. For fruit flies, careful disposal of overripe fruits and vegetables, insect traps, and insecticides are the most common control methods.


Fleas and fruit flies may appear similar, however, they have many distinguishing characteristics and behaviors. Knowing the differences between these two pests can help you identify and control them in your home.

Key Takeaways:

    • Fleas are small, dark, and flat; fruit flies are larger and have bright red eyes.
    • Fleas feed on animal blood; fruit flies are attracted to sweet, rotting fruits and vegetables.
    • Fleas are typically found near animals (farms, pet-friendly households); fruit flies can be found anywhere.
    • Fleas are best controlled with insecticides formulated to kill fleas; fruit flies are best controlled with traps, insecticides, and careful disposal of overripe fruits and vegetables.

In recent years, the population of fleas and fruit flies have increased dramatically. With the increased popularity of pet ownership and the abundance of sweet fruits and other attractive foods, these little insects continue to tussle for position as the top pest problem in many households.

Fleas and fruit flies are both incredibly annoying pests, but how do they differ? Fleas are the most well-known of the two and are found in pet-filled homes, often living in carpets and upholstery. They feed on the blood of animals and humans, which can spread disease and cause extreme discomfort. Fruit flies, on the other hand, are attracted to sweet fruits and warm damp areas, such as drains and compost heaps. They tend to only consume decaying organic matter and so they don’t spread disease like fleas can.

When it comes to elimination, fleas are easier to remove because they can be killed with insecticides while fruit flies are harder to kill since they are small, simply reproduce, and have a high resistance to common insecticides. Fleas are also faster than fruit flies, which allows them to jump away when threatened.

In conclusion, fleas and fruit flies are both annoying and pesky pests, but they have very different behaviors and levels of resistance to insecticides. Fleas are easier to kill, as they can be eliminated with insecticides and are faster than fruit flies. However, fruit flies are much harder to kill, as they have a high resistance to common insecticides. Ultimately, it is important to contact a professional pest control company in order to effectively remove both of these unwanted pests from your home or property.

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