Chiggers in Virginia

Chiggers in Virginia!

Virginia is home to many species of chiggers, which are more commonly known as harvest mites. These tiny mites are notorious for their ability to cause an itchy rash on humans and animals. While chiggers do not carry any diseases, they can be an annoying pest to get rid of.

What Are Chiggers?

Chiggers are part of the arachnid family and are part of the same group of animals as spiders, mites and ticks. They are microscopic creatures that measure about 0.3 of a millimeter in size; the size of a single grain of sand.

Where Are Chiggers Found in Virginia?

Chiggers are most often found in areas where there are a lot of trees, brush, and plants. Some common areas that may have a higher concentration of chiggers include:

    • Wooded areas
    • Grassy areas
    • Hedge rows
    • Unmowed grassy areas

What Are the Signs of Chiggers?

The telltale sign of chiggers is an unbearable itch that develops in the area of the body that has come in contact with them. This itching can be severe and last for several days. Other signs of chiggers include red bumps on the skin and a burning sensation where they have bitten.

How To Avoid Chiggers?

There are several ways to avoid coming into contact with chiggers.

    • Wear insect repellent when in wooded areas.
    • Wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts to protect the skin.
    • Stick to paths, as chiggers prefer grassy areas.
    • Keep your grass mowed short.
    • Keep clutter away from the yard as chiggers like to congregate in these areas.

With these simple tips, you can help to reduce your chances of coming into contact with chiggers in Virginia. However, if you do come into contact with chiggers, the best thing to do is to contact your doctor for advice on how to treat the rash.

Chiggers, also known as mites, are a nuisance insect found throughout the state of Virginia. These tiny pests belong to a family of mites called Trombiculidae and are particularly common in warm, humid environments. Chiggers are most active in the late spring and early summer months and are most commonly found in tall grass, fields, weeds, and other wild areas.

Chiggers feed on the blood of mammals and birds and can cause significant discomfort for their hosts. When chiggers attach to the skin of their host, they inject saliva with an anesthetic which prevents the host from feeling their bites. After a few days, the saliva causes an intense itchy feeling as the area swells and develops an angry red rash. In more serious cases, there can be an allergic reaction to the saliva which may require medical attention.

The best way to avoid the misfortune of chiggers is to be aware of their presence and to take simple preventative measures. When venturing out into areas where these pests are known to lurk, it’s important to wear long pants and socks and to apply a repellent that contains DEET. After being out in a chigger-infested area, it’s also important to inspect the skin closely and to carefully shower afterward to remove any that may be present.

Chiggers are an unfortunate reality in Virginia, but with a little care and effort, it’s possible to minimize the impact these pests can have.

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